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ABOUT the Longest Running Solo Show ON Broadway History

Caveman  is a peacemaker in the ongoing misunderstandings between men and women,

Caveman also has a loyal following in the therapy community, having been seen and recommended by thousands of psychologists and counselors across the United States.

“ Absolutely Brilliant! Caveman should be seen by anyone who wants to understand the opposite sex.”

– John Gray, Ph. D Author  of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”

The messages conveyed in the DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN are universal—                               BUY TICKETS

Relationship misunderstandings and laughter are the same in any language!

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is a worldwide rock-solid tour de force and a Broadway’s history-making comedy phenomenon about the sexes. It hold the record as the longest running solo play in Broadway history and is a worldwide phenomenon that’s won the hearts of millions in over 45 countries in more than 20 different languages (and counting!)

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN originally opened in San Francisco in June, 1991 and soon moved to Dallas. After a year in Dallas (now an unqualified hit) Caveman went on to sold-out engagements in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Chicago, before opening on Broadway in 1995. After running for two and a half years, playing 702 performances at the Helen Hayes Theater, Caveman entered the record books as the longest running solo play in Broadway history, surpassing Lily Tomlins Search for Signs” . . . and Jackie Masons “ The World According to Me” .

Caveman is a hilariously insightful play about the ways men and women relate. It has both sexes roaring with Laughter and recognition. Many affectionate nudging goes on during the performance as audience members recognize themselves in the stories being told on stage.

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN was written by comedian Rob Becker over a Three year period during which he made a study of anthropology, prehistory, psychology, sociology and mythology.

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Press Quotes

(or as we like to say, Approving Grunts)

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is a nationwide comic phenomenon!

                                                                                                   ~ The New York Times

Outrageously funny! CAVEMAN explores all of the things that make men     and women fight, laugh and love. I could sense people falling and re-falling in love all around me.”                                              ~ The Dallas Morning News


CAVEMAN is a primal scream!”                         ~ The Toronto Star

CAVEMAN is laugh-out-loud funny!”                ~ The Sacramento Bee

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN goes straight to the funny bone. Its affection for women and its light-hearted defense of men makes CAVEMAN a winner for both sexes.””              

                                                                                       ~ The Chicago Sun-Times

Your face hurts from laughing so hard!”           ~ The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

CAVEMAN is hysterically funny!”                      ~ Variety

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is sensation of the year!

                                                                            ~ The Chicago Tribune

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